How would you live if every moment was narrated?

Sundays are such a wonderful day that I cherish. Mine consisted of a morning Starbucks date with my fiance filled with soul-filling, deep conversation, then a great time at our church service, and then we wandered around a market we love in Downtown LA. 

As we wandered around this fun market, scoping out what we’d want to grab for lunch, our eyes were drawn to these words that were scrolling upon the large white wall. Someone was running a projector, typing words, that were being projected onto this wall…narrating what people were doing as they passed by. This caught our attention, and we ended up taking photos in front of the wall. As we posed, sure enough, the hidden narrator typed exactly what we were doing! At one point, the words even told us which filter on instagram to choose (as he saw as taking photos).

This got me thinking…how might we live if we felt that each moment, each word we said, each thought we had, and each move we made would be completely projected onto a screen for all to see? Facebook, twitter, and other social media forms do this to a certain extent…but we only post what we want others to see. If each move we made was being projected, would we…

Smile more often?
Laugh out loud?
Help others?

Step out of our comfort zone?
Make eye contact?

Our generation has created these comfortable bubbles that we live in. Especially in LA, you can be in a city market filled with people, and still, we will stare at our phones and keep to ourselves. But what if we had to put it all out there? What if we couldn’t remain in our own zone? How different would we be?

There are many quotes that say things like:

“Dance like no one’s watching”…”Sing like no one’s listening”…etc, etc, etc.

But I challenge you today to live like someone is watching…smile like someone sees it…laugh like someone hears it…reach out like someone needs it…because they do.

You never know how much you could change someone’s day simply by including them in yours.


3 thoughts on “How would you live if every moment was narrated?

  1. You do have a beautiful smile. 🙂 That sounds like such fun, and it’s such a great reminder I know I’ll have to remember.

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