Style On A Budget: Featuring The Yellow Polka Dot

After living in Los Angeles for almost 5 years, I am beginning to feel like quite the veteran when it comes to knowing all the secret spots and hidden gems…especially when it comes to finding great deals on new styles and accessories!

No matter where you live in this day & age, finding affordable jewelry that’s unique, hip, stylish, and gorgeous is no easy task. That’s why The Yellow Polka Dot has completely rocked my world! Everything in this super chic jewelry/accessory line is hand-made by two 12 year old girls. Hollywood boutiques don’t even hold a candle to the quality and unique, authentic pieces that The Yellow Polka Dot makes.

A necklace from The Yellow Polka Dot will make the best gift to anyone you love, and even comes sent straight to you in a hand-wrapped, beautiful package. I was jumping with joy when this one arrived at my door:


The best part is, no matter what your budget is or where you live, The Yellow Polka Dot has a beautiful, one of a kind piece just for you! The necklace below was sent to me personally by one of the designers, Halle, and it goes with everything! Whether I’m wearing yoga pants or dressing up for date night, this necklace is a must. I wear my gorgeous necklace often, and I always get SO many compliments on it! People are dying to know where I got it…and they are thrilled when they find out how easy and accessible it is for them to place an order!


Cayley & Halle (designers and founders of The Yellow Polka Dot) have some new fun, surprises coming in October, so now is the perfect time to get on board and start following this amazing line! They are not a warehouse. All products are homemade and on a limited run. Once the item is sold out, they probably won’t be able to make anything like it ever again. If you see something you like order it now before its gone. This ensures that you are getting homemade, unique, one of a kind necklaces every time!

Leading a small group? Grab a necklace for each of the girls!
Any birthdays coming up? This one of a kind necklace line makes the perfect gift!
Want to just surprise someone you love? Give them the gift of beauty and authenticity.
And don’t forget…Christmas is just around the corner!

The Yellow Polka Dot should be your shopping stop for every occasion! Gorgeous, chic, unique necklaces and headbands that are homemade with love.



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