A special sneak peak of my new book! :)

It used to be that people would have a mid-life crisis, but I believe that the quarter life crisis is pretty common nowadays. 
I experienced many things throughout my 22 years of living that I allowed to define who I was. What is defining you today and creating your identity?

Unhealthy relationships?
Past offenses?

Our world is filled with messages that send lies into our lives that we believe. Join me on this journey as we let go of insecurity. Are you seeking purpose in your life? Are you trying to heal from a past hurt? Is there an insecurity in your life (inside or out) that is eating away at you and robbing your joy?

My new devotional, “Identity Girls”, will be available soon…and it will take you on a 30 day journey to defining yourself as the young woman you were designed to be.

Take a look at the sneak peak video below, and share it with any girlfriends you know who are striving to define themselves.

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