Do you like breathing?


My lovely room mate and I are currently leading a girls connect group as we study “Jesus The One And Only” by Beth Moore. The first week’s DVD teaching was incredible, and something in particular really caught my attention.

Beth Moore began to tell a story about how she seems to always have a message on her heart, that she is always writing, speaking, or teaching. At one of her conferences, someone asked her if she liked what she did. Her response was,

“Do you like breathing?”

She explained that it never dawned on her that it was a choice, or to wonder if it was enjoyable or not. To her, this mission in her life is not an option. She has to do it. There’s no way not to do it. God placed this great purpose for her life upon her heart, and there is no way she could live her life without fulfilling this task that He has entrusted her to. 

I’ll never forget one of my first conversations with my almost mother-in-law, Sally Clarkson. She was one of the first people who met me and didn’t just ask me what my job was, or what school I went to, but she truly wanted to know what I loved doing…what God had put on my heart. Miss Sally always asks me if I just have to write. She told me that she is unable to turn her brain off when it comes to writing messages. Whether she is cooking a meal, or taking a shower, her mind is constantly swirling with new ideas for books, messages, and things that God wants her to share.

When I first heard her tell me this, I felt such a great relief. I’m not alone. Growing up, I remember sitting in the cold, stiff chairs of my school classrooms. My mind would wander, I would get distracted and decide to stop paying attention to algebra, and instead, I would write. I would write like crazy. To me, I knew what God had placed on my heart, and nothing could stop me from it (even the glaring eyes of my teachers). I wrote numerous songs, stories, and ideas down on paper in the midst of chemistry, geometry, and history classes.

My passion for writing didn’t stop there, though. It never mattered if my schedule didn’t allow me “free time” to focus on this. When I used to be a nanny, I wrote many of the blog posts you see while simultaneously watching the kids at their soccer practice. I felt like if I didn’t get these words out of my heart and into the world that I just might explode. 

Do you like breathing? What is God placing on your heart that is burning inside of you? What passion are you exploding with? What purpose do you need to fulfill because it is truly as crucial to you as each breath? 

I am living proof that no schedule and no hectic lifestyle can stop you from what God has called you to do. Wherever you are today, whatever you may be doing, take the time to breath. Do what you love, and share it with the world.

2 thoughts on “Do you like breathing?

  1. Love this! Beth Moore made you say, I’m not alone, and you made me say it! I live in words. Scenarios running in my mind, conversations, blogs, life all being played out in words. Thanks for sharing. I heard Michael Hyatt speak at a conference and someone asked “when do you know you’re a writer?” Michael’s response, when you say it.

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