Love is greater than fear.

Tonight, my body is exhausted after a long road trip back from the amazing International Christian Wellness Conference. As tired as I may be, God has filled my heart with some incredible messages, and I had one on my heart that I couldn’t help but pass along to you all before I rest my tired eyes.

At this conference, there was a very common theme that many of us wrestle with…humility. Sometimes we get confused and may not even realize that we are being prideful, and it may not be conscious or intentional, but the enemy has a really unoriginal way of breaking us down and making us reconsider what God has called us to do.

Whenever God has called you to something great, something difficult, and something powerful, this world will bring opposition. Opposition fights humility as much as possible and fills us with fear. This fear can distract us from our love for God, our love for our mission, and our love for what is true.

Take this conference, for instance. The night before we were all going to arrive, the Arizona hotel flooded. The floors were soaking wet, and I’m sure the ICWC crew was panicked. They could have done the natural thing…freaked out, cancelled it all out of fear, and moved on. But they did the supernatural. They stuck to God’s call on this conference and continued on. The wonderful committee went on to tell us that they didn’t have as many people sign up as they had originally planned. But it isn’t about our plan, is it? This conference changed lives and God knew exactly who needed to be there. Their love was greater than fear.

My question for you is:
Are we still faithful with big dreams and small numbers?
Will you stick to God’s plan for your conference even if it’s a smaller group?
Are you going to answer God’s call to teach a class no matter how many people attend?
Will you continue writing that blog even if you think that nobody is reading it?
Or are we so fearful and so proud that we forget it’s not about us…it’s about Him.

Humility is the best medicine for the soul. How good is God that He makes us swallow that humility pill? If you were to be honest with me, no matter how difficult it may be, you’d probably say that God has challenged you and grown you in the humbling experiences. And as you dry-swallowed that big pill of humble pie, God will look at you and say “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

My challenge for you this week is to remain faithful to God’s plan for your life no matter what obstacles, opposition, or numbers come your way. Overcome the fear of rejection, and forget those unoriginal lies that the enemy spews your way. Love is greater than fear.

3 thoughts on “Love is greater than fear.

  1. I’ve enjoyed your posts. I’m not a big commenter but wanted you to know you’re sharing messages that reach me…some I’ve even shared with my daughter. Today’s timing is nice; seeing that I just sent out an email for a fall book study… After convincing myself I wasn’t going to. Women of Faith conference Sat. Inspired me and your message today reminded me: less of me. More of Him. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you for encouraging me! I’m so glad that some of my articles touch your heart. God has done some really amazing things in my life lately and I can’t help but share and simply hope that it inspires others. You are a great supporter. Yes-my motto is absolutely less of me, more of Him. xo

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