Sit down. Now stand up!


This weekend, I am in Phoenix for the International Christian Wellness Conference. It has been absolutely incredible to be surrounded by Christian leaders in the yoga, crossfit, aerobic, walking, fitness world who are bridging the gap between our bodies and God.

The reason I fell in love with Christian yoga is the fact that I realized that if the Holy Spirit lived in me, and if my body was to be a temple for God, surely I should use this outer body along with my inner body to worship Him and make a beautiful place.

Today has been a long, but wonderful day. We began with a holy yoga session, and then I did one of the most challenging fitness classes of my life. It was a revelation wellness class, and while challenging, it was one of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken!

There was a moment when the instructor, Alisa, had us sit down and stand up over. And over. And over again.

My weak body and negative self talk thought I was done for. Then, Alisa spoke truth over us about how when God is equipping leaders and training us for greatness, the world may knock us down and the enemy may cause opposition, but we must always stand back up.

Afterward, I found myself in my cool down, lying on the floor, face down, eyes closed in prayer. I completely forgot anyone else was around and simply talked to God and felt Him so close to me. That is what happens when we connect every bit of us to our creator.

I have so many more updates to share, but tonight, I want you to know that no matter how exhausted you are, burned out you may be, or jaded you may feel, God loves you so much and wants so badly to get you back onto your feet so that you can be His girl and change the world.

Sit down. Now stand up.


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