DIY Gifts & Cards


Gifts always mean the most when they come from the heart. When one of my close girlfriends has a birthday, I try to think of these elements before I shop for them:

-What do they love?
-What inside jokes/memories do we share together?
-What is my budget?
-How can I get creative?
-Would I like this gift?

Making hand made gifts and cards keeps things unique, one of a kind, and personal. Don’t feel like buying gift bags? Can’t find a card that really fits your BFF? Get creative!

Decorate your own gift bag:

All you’ll need is brown paper bags (found at the 99 cent store), scrapbook paper, scissors, and glue.

I love starting with a simple brown lunch bag! Depending on my relationship with the friend, I tend to choose silly, quirky, unique scrapbook paper to decorate their gift bag. Sometimes it even gets as random as scrapbook paper with athletic men or a horse face. Yes-I’m serious.



If you want something a little less quirky and random, another thing I love to do is make personalized stickers to make gift bags extra special.


Make your own cards:

You can create your own fun, unique cards for people you love by simply selecting your favorite paper and photos.



Want to make the perfect little gift for your favorite gal pal? Create a mani/pedi in a jar! Get her favorite nail polish color, base coat, top coat, a nail file, and all the salon must-haves! Find a cute jar, hand-write a label, and tie it all together with some twine!


Get creative and make your gifts a unique, one of a kind gesture that your friends will never forget.

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