Support Two 12 Year Old Entrepreneurs, and Enter To Win a FREE Necklace!


Growing up, I have always been a dreamer, visionary, and entrepreneur. I feel like I’m constantly coming up with new, crazy ideas…and the only reason I’m actually in Los Angeles living my dreams is because I had people around me who supported them.

There are two 12 year old girls that I love very dearly. They are incredibly talented, brilliant, godly, and beautiful inside and out. These sweet girls aren’t your ordinary Tweens. Do they want to just sit around at home? Nope. They decided to start their own business with their free time.

The Yellow Polka Dot is their craft shop and website that sells a variety of crafty products, including journals, necklaces and headbands. All items are hand made, beautiful, and unique.

For these gorgeous, intricately made pieces, they are already incredibly affordable. But these girls didn’t stop there. They are currently doing a give away that has 4 days left! YOU can enter to win a free necklace from The Yellow Polka Dot!

As a jewelry lover who has seen it all in Los Angeles, I can assure you that what these girls are making is truly amazing! Get yours while you can!

Get to know the lovely girls behind The Yellow Polka Dot:

Halle Kill is a Girl who loves capturing beauty and seeing all the sights that the world has to offer. She loves writing fairy tales and swimming with her sister. Based out of New York City, Halle helps create all the beautiful things that you’ll see in the shop.


Cayley Werner is a girl that enjoys drinking italian soda while sitting outside and soaking some rays. She loves exercising and playing guitar. She also loves to travel around the world and capture its beauty. Based out of Austin, Texas. She helps create all the wonderful things you see in the shop.


Click here to enter now for your chance to win a necklace of your choice from The Yellow Polka Dot. Support dreamers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses today.

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