Style on a Budget: A little black dress for every occasion!


There’s really never an occasion where a little black dress isn’t the perfect fashion choice. LBD are my go to style staple. Classic, simple, flattering, and always lovely.

However, we don’t want our little black dress to be so simple that it never looks fun! And if we purchase a different LBD for every party, event, dinner, or girls night, that can be tough on the wallet.

For my birthday this year, my amazing fiancé got me a black convertible dress from Target. The opportunities with this dress are endless! I’ve tried mine over 15 different ways, and I’ve even worn it as a skirt! I highly recommend that you put one of these in your closet and keep it handy, because you will wear it all the time…and it always looks like a different dress!
I love how with the convertible dress, you can add so much unique detail to the back.


Want to steal my style?
-Grab a convertible black dress from Target.
-Red Vera Wang tote from Kohl’s ($10).
-Classic, simple black flip flops from Charlotte Russe ($5).
-Throw your hair into an easy messy bun.
-Put on your favorite earrings (I went with my pearls).

With your black convertible dress, you can look amazing for every occasion, and you’ll only have to purchase one dress! Enjoy looking fabulous & feeling beautiful…on a budget!


2 thoughts on “Style on a Budget: A little black dress for every occasion!

  1. I really think every female needs a little black dress! Depending on how it is accessorized, it can really be appropriate for any occasion. This particular one is so flattering on you, and the criss-cross detailing shows off your back really well. Great post! 🙂

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