Too cool for school…or anything else.


I was 16 in that photo above. Don’t worry-it was a friend’s birthday…and it was grape juice 😉
Although alcohol wasn’t the issue, there were plenty of other issues at the time.
You see, 16 is a funny age. This was the year before I left Florida for California. Young, trying to find myself, hoping to claim some sort of identity. I still strived for popularity, affirmation, and a sense of cool.

In the 4 and a half years of living in LA, I’ve experienced my share of “fun.” But I can promise you that striving for cool, popular, fame, and glory is never as fulfilling as a life filled with true purpose and meaning.

If you are in that in between age, trying to find yourself, and hoping for love and acceptance, get beyond the fact that this may sound cliche…because it is wisdom and truth:

Be yourself.
Be more.
Be true.
Be with God.

When I strived for fame and affirmation, I found myself alone, depressed, and lost. Finally, I had to give up and give in to God. Once I told God that doing things my own “cool way” wasn’t working out, He took over.

Now, I find my secretly introverted self completely content. Curled up with a chihuahua and a good book. I have a fiancé who loves me, even though I don’t go to clubs at 22. He loves me when I’m in t-shirts and yoga pants. My fiance loves me when I don’t wear makeup or do my hair. Why? Because God loves me for who I am, and God surrounded me with people who love the real me, too.

The real you is always better than anyone else. Everyone else is taken. And trust me-being too cool for school gets exhausting…and it’s not very fun.

Be silly.
Be weird.
Be a reader.
Be a thinker.
Be comfy.
Be you.


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