Meet some of the cast & crew, and contribute to the COAPS wrap party!

We are currently in week #2 of production for Confessions of a Prodigal Son. God has been opening unbelievable doors when it comes to the talented cast, crew, shooting locations, and generous backers of the film. Since this is a very low budget film, everyone involved isn’t in it for those “Hollywood big bucks”…but we all just have a heart for bringing this important message to our culture that desperately needs it.

So far, everything is looking absolutely amazing. So much work goes into making a film truly great, and our crew has already had plenty of blood, sweat, and tears (actually, no tears yet, but definitely blood and sweat).

I would love to spoil this hard working team by throwing a wrap party this Friday night when all the filming is over. If you have wanted to get involved and would like to donate any amount to contribute so that this amazing, godly, hard working crew can have a celebration, please let me know! Any amount will bless them immensely! They are pushing themselves to the limit, working long hours in 100 degree weather, and they truly deserve a night to relax when it’s all over. Most of our crew is out hear on their on dime, working hard all day & night long in the crazy heat of the valley. This crew has such an incredible heart and they won’t stop until this film is ready to change our generation. I want to give them a wrap party that will truly thank them for all their hard work.

The fun part is, your contribution can go toward EXACTLY what you want it to go toward! You choose:

I want to contribute to dinner for the wrap party.
I want to contribute to drinks for the wrap party.
I want to contribute to dessert for the wrap party.
I want to contribute to decorations for the wrap party.
I want to contribute to party favors for the hard working crew.

You can specify EXACTLY what you want to contribute, and it’ll be personally from you! Because we are so very grateful, you will get a signed thank you note from the cast and crew of the film! 

You can send any amount via PayPal to my email address:
Or-if you’d like, I can create a PayPal invoice for you. Simply leave a comment with your email address and let me know what amount you’d like to contribute.

Not everyone likes to donate “blindly” to people they don’t know. I would love for you to take the time to get to know some of our amazing cast and crew below! 

Nathan Clarkson not only wrote the incredible script for Confessions of a Prodigal Son, but he is also a producer and lead actor.

Our director, Allan Spiers, is absolutely amazing. He is so hard working, talented, and godly. He is constantly praying for our cast and crew. Allan has been working nonstop, and even continued working hard the other day after wounding his hand while filming! He’s a trooper.

You all know me! 🙂 I’m playing the lead actress, Ali, who plays opposite Sean (played by Nathan Clarkson). This is me on set the other day as we filmed the dancing scenes.

Meet Azel James. He is a producer and also playing the role of Cameron. Azel is on the far right of this photo.Image

Andy Lee (with the camera on the right of the photo below) has been AMAZING. He has been working alongside Allan and getting some incredible shots. Andy flew to LA straight from working in Africa! He is an extremely hard working man.

Ben Moen has been working alongside Andy Lee, and Ben got some absolutely beautiful shots at sunset the other night! I can’t wait for you all to see how talented this guy is.

Aaron Eberhardt is our awesome sound guy. He has had to put up with us filming on super loud, busy, LA streets, and he has been rocking it.

Meet Calder White. He is our PA from Texas and he is SO insanely hard working. Whenever there’s a need, Calder takes care of it. 

Tanya Chisholm (Kelly from Big Time Rush and Jackie from High-School Musical 2) has joined our cast in the role of Jenny.

Kevin Sorbo (Soul Surfer, Hercules, Andromeda, etc…) plays the role of Sean’s father. He was such a pleasure to work with.

Laura Black (actress in To Save a Life) plays Sean’s mother, and she was one of the most genuine, kind, sweet women I’ve ever worked with in Hollywood!

Michael Bolten, who you’ve seen in movies like Letters to God and Flipped, is playing the role of James. Fun fact: we actually worked on a show back in Florida together called Retro News!

Now you know some of our amazing, hard working cast & crew! Leave a comment or send me an email if you would like to bless this wonderful team of hard workers by contributing to our wrap party. 

3 thoughts on “Meet some of the cast & crew, and contribute to the COAPS wrap party!

  1. Calder White is a nice young man, who comes from a Christian, hardworking, loving family. God Bless You, Calder

  2. Loved reading about the movie and “meeting” some of the people who are helping make it happen! 😀 I’m definitely going to have to see it once it’s finished!!!

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