Style on a Budget: The Tourist


When it comes to traveling and playing the tourist, we want to be absolutely comfortable while marvelously stylish at the same time. Whether you’re on a plane, train, road trip, or traveling city streets by foot, this outfit is not only affordable, but super cozy and chic!

Get The Tourist Chic Look:

Shades are a must while traveling! The ones I’m wearing on my head were $9 from 9 West at Marshalls.
-Red Tote:
Every traveler needs a purse that’s not only cute, but can hold all the necessities. This Vera Wang bag is one of my favorite things. $10 at Kohls.
-Vintage Aerosmith Tank:
Fun. Retro. Comfy. $7 at H&M.
-The Anytime Wrap:
While traveling, we must be prepared for any weather. This black wrap matches everything, and it is super soft and cozy! $8 from Old Navy.
-Grey Skinny Jeans:
The perfect go-to traveling pant. $10 from Forever 21.
-Classic Flip Flops:
Comfortable, simple, flat, and ready for anything! These flip flops are only $5 at Charlotte Russe.

I wore this outfit as I wandered the streets of Seattle! Enjoy your travels, and don’t let your budget keep you from enjoying fashion!

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