Get the natural, fresh, boho-chic look!


Summer is the perfect time to rock that natural, effortless look. This post will help you achieve the perfect messy bun, natural makeup tips, and boho-chic style for this season!

The messy bun is a hairdo I am all too familiar with. It is easy, quick, and fun! This style can be more slick and chic, or you can turn up the volume, tousle your locks, and take it up a notch!

For a simple, anytime messy bun, follow the steps below!

1. Wash & dry your hair.
2. Spritz the roots with texturizing beach spray.
3. Do an overall spray with a tad of dry shampoo for volume.
4. Flip your head over and tousle that hair! Shake your head around and use your fingers to tease it a bit.
5. Throw your hair onto the top of your head and use an elastic to hold it in a very loose bun. REMEMBER: it’s supposed to look messy! Let loose strands hang! It’s not supposed to look perfect.
6. Use bobby pins to secure any fly aways that might be a little too messy for your taste.

Don’t stop there! Complete your natural, summer, beachy, boho-chic look with these simple tips!

1. Keep the makeup minimal. Add a touch of bronzer to your cheek bones to give your face a sun kissed glow.
2. Skip the eyeliner and use a mascara to open up your eyes for a natural look.
3. Apply a tinted lip balm.
4. Wear an off-the-shoulder top to complete your bohemian summer style!


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