Love Is My Fuel


This morning, I had the absolute pleasure of teaching a sermon to the tweens at my awesome church, Oasis. Since our church is actually moving to our amazing new building in two weeks, we have been talking a lot about traveling, moving, and what it takes for us to keep going and transform our lives. I’m going to share my sermon with you, as every single one of us need fuel in our lives to keep us going.

Traveling can be an amazing experience of adventure, excitement, and wonder. However, I have not always been a huge fan of long distance commutes on the road. A few years back, my parents rented an RV to drive us up to my brother’s hockey tournament. It sounded great in theory, but my strange, scoliosis spine grew tired, my ears became bored of the same 90s pop songs I brought along, and all I could look forward to was the next meal at Waffle House or Cracker Barrel (I love food). Overall, it was a really fun experience and I had some awesome bonding time with my family. However, I couldn’t tell you for sure that I’ll ever take a trip in an RV again.

Thinking about the enormous size of that RV, I can only imagine that a ton of gas was required in order to keep that thing moving. Without fuel, we can’t keep going. You could get stuck, stranded, and that could easily ruin any good road trip.

We all need fuel to keep us going, otherwise, we will break down. In your own life, what do you think keeps you fueled and feeling good? My fiance has to constantly remind me not to eat too much sugar or junk food (yes-even at 22 years old), because my little body doesn’t handle it very well. Just as vitamins and nutrients fuel our physical bodies, what is fueling your soul? Movies? TV shows? Pop songs?

1 Corinthians 13:7 tells us:

“Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”

We know that earlier on in 1 Corinthians 13 says “love is patient, love is kind”, but we don’t often remember that love is fuel. Most tweens, teens, or people in our culture are pretty sure they know what love is all about. The lyrics of a Taylor Swift song or a Nicholas Sparks film try to define love for us. But love is not conditional. This means that we love even when it’s not easy, even when it’s not convenient.

God’s love for us is unconditional. He loves you-flaws, sins, mistakes, shortcomings and all. Even when you are close to breaking down, losing energy, and full of frustration, God’s love can be your fuel.

Let’s think about that RV again. If you’ve ever seen an RV, you know that they can be pretty huge…and that’s why they require so much fuel. Sometimes God asks us to do big things, and we need to stop and constantly refuel. God’s calling for your life might be greater and larger than anything you could have imagined. Before you get overwhelmed, refuel. 

God’s love can get us through the hardest road trips, moves, and circumstances. His love keep us going. It is our fuel. But does He fuel us so that we can fill up, be selfish, and keep driving our own car while we watch everyone around us breaking down because they’re out of fuel? No. God fuels us with love so we can fuel others with love.

I challenge you this week to be the fuel in someones life. Love everyone around you. Love your friends, family, and even that person in your life who is difficult to love. They might be close to breaking down, and you can be the fuel that keeps them moving.

Remember that there are 3 types of fuel: God’s love for us, our love for God, and our love for others. 

The photo at the top of this article is a card I designed and sent home with each tween today as a reminder. Print it out or make your own. Place it somewhere to remind you that love is fuel. When you feel like you can’t keep going, out of energy, completely exhausted, refuel. And if you see others around you who are close to breaking down, be the fuel in their lives.


One thought on “Love Is My Fuel

  1. I LOVE your blog! Also I ordered something from you on Poshmark! Your an amazing girl, keep doing what your doing!

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