Giveaway! “Popular: Boys, Booze, and Jesus”

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Popular:Boys, Booze, and Jesus, is an incredibly candid and honest memoir from Tindell Baldwin as she shares her message of rebellion turned to redemption. Since I have lived in Hollywood for the past four and a half years, I have watched so many young people make such poor choices that have lifelong negative implications, all because they desired affirmation, acceptance, fame, and popularity.

A line that really stuck out to me in this touching story was when Tindell said:

“I traded diamonds for dog food.”

She was referring to how she pushed away good friends, family, ideals, and God all for what? A few parties? Drinks? Sex? Boys? This is an honest story that I wish I had read when I was in highschool. Tindell touches on a topic that is very close to my heart, and not many Christians talk about it. She spoke about how growing up in the “Christian world”, everyone just says NOT to have sex. We hear that over and over again, but as young women who are confused, hearing so many mixed messages from our culture, dealing with crazy hormones, and just seeking affirmation, we easily give up our morals and ideals because we haven’t had wisdom and real explanations about the pain and insecurities that sex before marriage brings. I am so thankful that Tindell is stepping up and having the courage to share her story, because every young woman needs that.

From real, personal journal entries, haunting stories of truth, and a message of joy, redemption, and grace, Popular is a must read for every young woman…tweens and up!

Tindell Baldwin is the sweetest, most humble gal. I have been in contact with her, and she is truly something special. She has no desire for fame and the popular world anymore, but simply wants to allow God to use her past to help every young woman who is dealing with those incredibly difficult, life altering decisions. Support her by checking out her wonderful blog.

Tyndale Publishing was nice enough to send me TWO copies of Popular…one for me to keep, and one for me to giveaway. I am so excited to giveaway a free copy of this book, because it is truly relevant and will touch the lives of so many young women who need to hear her story.

Check out the giveaway below, and enter in for your chance to win a FREE copy of Popular!
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One thought on “Giveaway! “Popular: Boys, Booze, and Jesus”

  1. This book really has opened my eyes to what my small group girls need to know about when it comes to how God has created them all individually with a plan in mind. Does Tindell do teen conferences or would she like to? We are using this as a small group study after the holidays and didn’t know if she might have some tips.

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