God’s Point of View


Tonight was a very special treat and change from the usual Thursday evening in LA. My fiancé got tickets for us to see Tchaikovsky’s Fourth at the Hollywood Bowl. His brother, Joel, also accompanied us to this fine, classy event, as well as my best friend, Rachel, and her husband.

Once we had all gone up a few escalators and walked up enough stairs, getting higher and higher, your initial thought might be that your seats aren’t all that good. Funnily enough, from the very moment I sat down, I felt like I had the best seat in the house. From the top, I could see every person, each movement, and truly take it all in. I was consuming this experience, along with the incredible symphony that instantly carried me into another world.

From the very beginning, my first thought was:

“WOW. I wonder if this is what the world looks like from God’s point of view.”

So much beauty. So much to see. So much to take in. I had a huge panoramic view. My vision was looking out at the symphony on stage, the Hollywood sign behind it, and all the people below. Rarely do I feel like we get to see an entire complete picture in life from our point of view. We are always missing pieces and parts from where we are standing. God has the entire puzzle completed in front of him to see, and that’s how I felt from my seat at the Hollywood Bowl.

After it ended and the applause ceased, we decided to pick Joel’s brain a bit with questions (since he is our music/composer expert). We asked him if a conductor is always necessary, and what the conductor is really doing (if anything) other than making fancy movements.

Joel explained to us that there are certain pieces of music that can become quite intricate, detailed, and sometimes strange/unique in its tempo. He also told us that when one person is playing their instrument, they have an entirely different instrument’s sound right in their ear! Sometimes, they can’t even hear what they’re playing. The conductor ensures control of each little detail when the orchestra can’t see and hear it all. He is the director of the big picture.

The entire experience I had tonight reminded me of God and caused me to ponder His role, His work, and how He is constantly conducting us to free us from chaos and protect us from what we do not see or hear.

Just as each part of an orchestra is different and unique, each role is very necessary in the process of creating a beautiful symphony. Each and every one of us have an important role to play that God has given us to subdue. In the mean time, He is conducting this beautiful, unpredictable symphony that we call life.


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