Twos-Day: Staying True to Yourself


As a young woman of this lovely generation (especially as an engaged woman) I have become quite the fan of Pinterest. It’s fun to scroll through photos and quotes when I have some free time. Us girls love pretty photos with relationship advice in a quoted text, overplayed on top of the image like the cherry on top of a delicious sundae.

However, we have to be careful, cautious, and have wisdom when it comes to reading quotes that are coming from…wait-we don’t even know these people. When it’s not scripture and it isn’t God’s absolute truth, we must learn to discern.

For instance, check out the image right below this sentence:


Our culture is filled with quotes like this. There’s a Taylor Swift song (and I LOVE Taylor Swift, but not so sure that these particular lyrics are great advice), in which the lyrics say:

“I can be your favorite blue jeans with the holes in the knees in the bottom of the top drawer.
I can be your beauty queen, just a little out of reach, or the girl living next door.
I’ll be your angel giving up her wings,
If that’s what you need, I’ll give everything to be your anything.

As young women, we are letting go of wisdom and filling our minds with books, lyrics, and movies that are telling us we should be willing to do anything for a guy, go crazy for him, die for him, cry for him everyday, and change who we are if that’s what will make him love us.

That is not only an unhealthy message, but it’s also false. When we change who we are for someone, it only causes insecurity and a manipulative and dishonest relationship.

We all do it, but it looks different to each of us…
Dumbing ourselves down so that a guy can feel superior.
Talking less to our families, mentors, or people who could give us wise council because we know they would tell us the relationship is unhealthy.
Maybe you’re dating someone who doesn’t love God, so you start by not talking as much about your faith…which leads to not going to church because he won’t go with you…which leads to your own faith diminishing.


When we seek culture for relationship advice, we only find confusion and insecurity. I challenge you this week to seek wise council with your questions…and remember who God says you are. Remember your worth before ever seeking affirmation from a guy. Scripture tells us how valuable we are, and we should never get into relationships that dim that light.


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4 thoughts on “Twos-Day: Staying True to Yourself

  1. Thank you for your blog, my daughter is 16 and has just started dating a non-christian boy. I need all the advice I can get!

    1. Suzanne,
      I never dated a Christian until I was 19…and now I’m marrying him! 🙂
      Don’t worry or get too overwhelmed. Continue loving her and offering as much wisdom as possible. So glad you are encouraged by my blog, and I am encouraged by your support.

  2. I date my first boyfriend for 10 years, so you could imagine how much I lost myself, but I didn’t realized unti now that its over and now I’m just trying to figure it out, but guess what I love me now , thanks for your post 😁

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