Style on a Budget: The Maxi Dress


With the 100+ degree weather in Los Angeles lately, we are all striving to look cute and trendy while maintaining a level of comfort. When it gets this hot, we often want to wear as little as possible. Tiny skirts and shorts with tanks. However, while that look may work for the beach, it doesn’t always work for every other occasion.

There are a few reasons why I’m obsessed with maxi dresses.
1-They are ridiculously comfortable. (It feels like wearing a huge t-shirt that basically turns into a blanket. It’s pretty much like yoga pants all over.)
2-They are loose. (When it’s super hot outside, I hate wearing things that are too tight and form fitting and stick to my body.)
3-They work for any occasion. (We are busy women with busy lifestyles. Yesterday, I wasn’t home all day. I was teaching at our church tween service, then going to church, then running errands with my fiancé, and then going to our friend’s baby’s birthday party. A maxi dress works for all of those events! I have worn maxi dresses to walk my dog, and I’ve worn them on the red carpet!)
4-They are in style! (Celebrities and fashion show runways can’t get enough of the maxi dress! So while you get to feel comfortable, you also get to look amazing and be trendy at the same time!)


Can’t afford the Oscar De La Renta maxi dress in the photo above? Don’t worry. No one can. Target, Kohls, Wet Seal, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe always have an amazing collection of maxi dresses for less than $20!

I love wearing maxi dresses for my casual days….walking the dog, running errands, and grabbing coffee with a friend.


I also wear maxi dresses for upscale events such as: formal dinners, church events, and red carpet events.


Remember: you can be comfortable, look amazing, and stay up-to-date with the latest styles…on a budget!

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