Perfectly Imperfect.


For a young woman who loves to tell girls they are beautiful just the way they are, I have a confession for you. I have insecurities. Even worse, I sometimes allow myself to nurse these insecurities until they grow into a heart-issue.

A couple of weeks ago, I confided in my wonderful mentor and expressed to her that sometimes when I look in the mirror, I am simply frustrated. It seems there is always something to fix, always a flaw, and always something that I feel could be better. Have you girls ever felt this way? Once a year? Once a month? Daily?

One of my main, and most regular, frustrations is if I ever have breakouts on my face. Whether these imperfections pop up from stress, hormones, allergies, or extensive hair and makeup products from being on set, they just seem to ruin a perfectly lovely day. The reason is deeper than a clogged pore. It’s the fact that my heart and mind immediately think that something about me needs to be covered up. That somehow, if the world saw this flaw, they would think less of me.

My amazing mentor explained to me that in these moments, I was forgetting who God says I am. He created me. He uniquely designed every bit of me. And who’s standards am I striving for, anyway? Does scripture tell us that the occasional pimple isn’t allowed? No. We are looking at unrealistic photoshopped magazine photos and dying to live up to these ridiculous expectations.

The funny thing about getting older is realizing that as women, we will always find something to complain about on our bodies. I constantly hear women of all ages, shapes, and sizes talk about what they wish were different about them. We all do this, but our lives spiral out of control when we stop loving who we are.

The reason I took the photo above just now, moments ago, (washed face, no makeup, PJs, messy bun, sleepy dog in the background and all) is to own who I am…naturally. We shutter at the thought of taking photos without perfect lighting and flawless makeup. We spend more time doing our hair than reading His word. We invest more in our fashion than feeding our souls.

You are beautiful. Every bit of you. Absolutely each piece of you has been uniquely and intricately crafted. I don’t know what is defining your standard of beauty. TV, film, magazines, friends, or perhaps just your own negative self image. In order to be healthy, happy women of influence in this world, we must learn to have a positive self talk. Build your self esteem. Fill your life with who God says you are.

Take your lipstick and write on your mirror:

“I am marvelously made.”

Start each day loving who you are before the makeup, before the hair straightener, and before the stylish transformation from PJs to Vogue.
We do all of these things because we are seeking affirmation and love, but we must love ourselves and live in confidence of who God made us to be first.

Hey, you. Yes, you. I like your face.



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