Embrace Your Beautiful Mess


Have you ever woken up with serious bed-head? You know, the kind where each strand of hair seems to be spiraling out of control in different directions? I can relate.

My biggest frustrations, and beauty meltdowns, usually occur when I try to fight Mother Nature. Yes-I attempt to tame the beast (my hair, that is). It can take so long just to straighten, flatten, and smooth unruly hair. Don’t have the time? In a rush? Need to head out?

If you can’t beat them, join them.

The lovely thing about summer time is that natural is in! The laid back, bohemian hairdos are in style, and everyone in LA is rocking them for every occasion!

Grab some texturing spray and tousle your hair. Tease the top for volume. This will make your natural, messy hairdo look like you did it on purpose. If the top is seriously out of control and bent out of shape, add some cute clips or a headband to help soften the top.

Stop fighting your bed head and embrace your beautiful mess.


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