Challenge of the Week: Intention


It is so easy for us to let our pasts to write our futures. We are creatures of habit. We enjoy safety, comfort, familiarity, and normal. But what if normal isn’t working?

Have you been dreading this Monday all weekend? Waiting for the inevitable, everyday, “normal” week to begin? Let’s change it up. I challenge you to set a goal of intention in everything you do this week. If you look at every moment and every circumstance with intention, I promise your life will have a deeper sense of purpose & meaning.

Intentional with friends…
Feeling lonely? In need of community? I can relate. In enormous Los Angeles, I felt completely isolated until I became intentional about creating community for myself. Don’t wait by the phone. Call a friend. Be bold and join a new connect group. Feeling really brave? Host a group of your own.
The most dangerous thing Satan can do is make us feel alone. Be intentional about your friendships. People get busy, but don’t give up. Make plans. Make phone calls. Make intentional friendships this week.

Intentional with boys…
In a “blah” relationship with a guy you probably know isn’t “the one”? Yeah…I’ve been there too. We are a generation of women who are insecure and seeking love so badly that we would rather be in blah or even unhealthy relationships rather than being alone. Be intentional. Remember your worth. Remember the incredible value God has given you. Every relationship should be built on a foundation of healthy, Christ centered intention.
My relationship with my fiancé wasn’t always full of smiles & laughter. We struggled. We hurt each other immensely. But when we became intentional about putting God first, we flourished. Make your relationships intentional, even if that means being intentional about letting him go. I can tell you a few lessons I learned the hard way and the long way around. If he doesn’t love God more than he loves you, it won’t flourish. If he doesn’t value & respect you the way God created you to be treated, it will crumble. Don’t waste your time on blah. Being single is much better than being in an unhealthy, hurtful relationship. Be smart. Be intentional.

Intentional in your dreams/career…
Are you stuck in mundane Monday? Filled with dread, anxiety, and a feeling of no purpose? Have intention this week. We don’t have success overnight, but you can always be taking steps toward accomplishing your dreams.
Research and read books about what you’re pursuing. Take a class. Talk to someone who is doing exactly what you hope to someday do. I always say its better to be at the bottom of something you love than at the top of something you hate. Consider starting at the bottom, being an intern, assistant, or maybe even a volunteer. Humble yourself, be willing to learn, work hard, and be intentional.

Intention with God…
Life gets busy, and spending time with God can often feel like a chore to pencil into our schedule. Be intentional this week. Psalm 37:5 talks about trusting in God and committing our ways to Him, then getting the desires of our heart.
Being intentional about your time with God is the best way to create a life of overall intention and success. Challenge yourself this week to read a chapter of the bible each day. Choose your favorite verse, write it on a sticky note, and put it on your bathroom mirror as a reminder to help maintain an intentional relationship with God at the center of your life.

Be intentional this week in all that you do and watch your life flourish.


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