Living a Life of Love


Exactly a month ago today, my best friend, and boyfriend of two and a half years, got down on one knee in the warm summer wind and asked me the best question my ears had ever heard.

“Will you marry me?”


This month has flown by, and I’ll never forget a detail of that night. I was on cloud nine…and still am. Yes, us girls enjoy planning things. We dream about our weddings…the gown, the lace, the DIY projects. I may be failing at my girly duties, but all I can think about, all I truly care about, is the fact that in 9 months, I will be married to my best friend.

Nathan understands me. He isn’t freaked out when I’m ridiculous and silly and sing Shakira. He is sweet and takes care of my little dog. He appreciates my soul and sees my dreams. My fiancé loves my tender heart, and he is careful with it.

I see him as this incredible work of art. He has a brilliant mind that is so deep. His soul is filled with ideals and values…and he is truly my superman. Nathan is the most talented and passionate man I’ve ever known. He is so godly and faithful.

Our relationship didn’t get off to an easy start. We both had many valid opportunities to run for the hills. But when we put God at the center of our relationship and chose to love & respect each other, even when it was hard, our relationship flourished.

I am looking at the future with so much excitement. I know our marriage with have struggles of its own, but we will love each other as God has loved us. We will choose a life of love even when it’s insanely difficult. We are making the choice to do life together.

I am so blessed to have an amazing fiancé who loves me, loves God, and will choose a life of love by my side.


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