Style on a Budget: Transitioning From Work To Play!


Is your outfit equipped for both business and pleasure? Every girl needs an easy, simple, affordable look that can help you ease into girls night after your work day is done. This week’s style on a budget is professional chic for the office, but classy & trendy for dinner with the girls! And the best part is-you don’t have to spend your hard earned paycheck to attain this look!


Get the look:
-Grey skinny jeans are the perfect way to dress up the average blue jean while remaining comfortable and casual for a night on the town after work! ($10 at Forever 21)
-This classy white button down is professional and classic, but the cutout sleeves and gold buttons add a fabulous, trendy touch! ($12 at Forever 21)
-The wedges are professional enough for work, but the pop of red color is super fun for girls night! I LOVE wedges because they give you a height boost without killing your feet. ($7 at Payless)
-I am obsessed with sock buns! They are an easy 1 minute hairdo that is both perfect for a business meeting AND a dinner party. (99 cents at the 99 cent store, or $3 at H&M and Urban Outfitters)

It’s okay-rush straight to girls night from work! It’s possible with this week’s style on a budget.

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