I’m All Ears.


God gets blamed for an awful lot nowadays. Every time something goes wrong, we immediately wonder why God would allow it. But are you giving the creator of your life credit for something He didn’t design? Something He didn’t do? Something He didn’t say?

I have become angry at God in the past when I didn’t get my way. But the funny thing is-He never set that path for me. The road I chose for myself lead to destruction. I wasn’t listening to what God’s plan for my life could be. I wasn’t even asking for His input, because frankly, I didn’t want it to differ from my own agenda.

I can be quite stubborn. And if you’re honest with yourself ladies, you may say the same about yourself. So how can we learn to hear God’s voice in our lives? Will it happen over night? Will He speak to us all in a dream? Will He give every last one of us a big, clear sign? No…not always.

Understanding God’s plan for our lives only occurs when we commit to daily communication with Him.

“From heaven, He made you hear His voice so that He could instruct you.” -Deuteronomy 4:36

We all feel lost. Unsure. Uncertain. And completely unaware of God’s plan for our lives. But are we confused because we never actually listened for His instruction?

Psalm 85:8 says:

“I will listen to what God says; He promises peace to His people, His faithful servants.”

Instead of focusing on the world, on confusion, and on what isn’t clear, I challenge you to focus in on God’s truth, word, and promises.

We listen to so many things. Music, TV, movies, city noise, podcasts, iPhones, friends. But are we leaving room to hear God?

We can choose a life of selfishness and stubborn ways. Or…we could choose to be good listeners. I don’t know about you, but I’m all ears.

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