Happy Memorial Day


The photo above is my brother (I’m the camo, looking like he’s about to take on the world), and my sweet Papa (a veteran). My Papa endured a very difficult life, and used to tell us the most incredible stories. He ran away from home and would jump onto moving trains to get around. He fought in World War 2, and had many scars & stories to tell.
He encouraged me to love reading, and always told me that you always have a friend if you have a book. When my Papa was suffering through melanoma cancer, he lived with us, and those were some of my favorite memories. I cherished every moment I had with him.

His body is now at Arlington National Cemetery, and he was truly a man of honor. Our country is full of families with personal stories just like mine. We all know someone wonderful who has sacrificed time, energy, selfish desires, and some even their lives, for the freedom of this country.

Take the time to say a prayer today for wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who just want their family member to come back home.

To any of you who have a family member currently serving in some way, I am praying for you and praying for them. We are so blessed to know people who are selfless enough to put the freedom of others above the desires and luxuries in their own lives.


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