Wedding Guest Style on a Budget


Spring and summer tend to bring out lots of love bugs. With wedding season in full bloom, and lots of friends getting married, dressing for a wedding can be expensive and stressful rather than fun and blissful.
Do you have numerous weddings to attend this summer? Don’t worry-I’ve got you covered with my wedding season style on a budget tips.

1-Color is lovely this time of year. All white attire is a huge no-no. We don’t want to look anything like the beautiful bride. Select your favorite pop of color and start there!

2-No matter how hot it may be, don’t show too much skin. Weddings are a classy event, not our time to show off our beach bodies. (The short dress test: make sure your dress still covers your booty even when you sit down and cross your legs.)

3-Sales, sales, sales! The dress and wedges I’m wearing in the photo are from Charlotte Russe. Shoes: on sale for $3. Dresses at CR are currently all marked down to $10-$20!

4-For a simple, quick updo, search for my blog post on an easy sock bun. It’s classy, easy, and fun!

Alright, love birds. Find your fashion bliss this wedding season without breaking the bank.
Stay tuned for more style on a budget tips!

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