A Life of Overflowing Hope


As the lavender candles flicker in my cozy North Hollywood bedroom, my mind is unwinding from quite the week. I have come to realize that the more I trust in God, the less appeal I find in what I once considered comfort.


The more I sought out these worldly things, the less impressed I became. How? It is truly impossible to serve two idols (two gods). If you are deciding to be God’s girl, to truly trust Him with your entire life, your heart, mind, and soul will be transformed.
Growing up with an impersonal view of God through private school uniforms and uncomfortable Southern Baptist pews, I never understood why these “crazy” people were so passionate about following Him. I didn’t believe in the Holy Spirit because I didn’t understand the Holy Spirit. My mind couldn’t comprehend or wrap around the fact that God wasn’t just a myth or a guy who called the shots…but He was living in me, actively pursuing my heart and my life.
I realized that when confronted with the power of the Holy Spirit, it would be impossible for me not to change.

I am a girl who moved to Los Angeles at 17 in pursuit of the world. This journey left me disappointed, stressed, anxious, and hopeless. But that’s not where my story ends. Because of the power of God in my life, I am able to trust, hope, and live with a fearless faith that I never thought possible.

Romans 15:13 says that as we put our trust in God, we will be filled with joy and peace. We live in a generation of hopelessness, anxiety, depression, desperation, eating disorders, suicide, and heartbreak.

Make the decision to put your trust in God and live a life of overflowing hope.

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