Learning to adjust your sails.


Growing up in Florida, hurricane season was something my family and I were very familiar with. We knew what we needed to do to prepare. We were always stocked up on our emergency kits, soup cans, flash light, and boards & nails if necessary to keep the house intact.

Why were we so cautious and prepared? Because we knew that if we took all of the necessary steps for safety, no matter how bad things got, we would be okay. All of that being said, we couldn’t always prepare for everything. One year, a huge oak tree came down in our front yard. What were we to do? Panic? Freak out? Cry? No…we simply had to take a deep breath and make some adjustments.

One of my favorite quotes says:

“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails.”

I have come to realize that our true character really shows when a storm comes our way. We can prepare, we can stress, we can adjust, or we can get blown away.

What storms are brewing in your life right now? Anxiety? A breakup? An eating disorder? A failed exam? A lost job?
Each time life gives us a storm, we are also given a choice. How we choose to react to these storms truly forms who we are as women.

If we want to be women of strength, dignity, and confidence, we must learn to adjust to the changes and difficulties that life may bring.
You are allowed to be stressed. We all need to take a moment and breath. But when the winds die down, we have to adjust our sails so that we can continue flourishing as young women.

Hold on tight to who you are. Don’t allow the storms in life to blow you away.

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