Invisible Tomorrows


It’s easy to put our faith & trust in what is clear & visible.

The black & white.
The obvious.
The physical.
The tangible.
The realistic.
The ordinary.
The seen.

But do you ever stop and wonder what miracles we might be missing out on as we keep blinders on our eyes?
Are we missing a fairy tale as we focus on reality?
Are we missing out on financial blessing as we anxiously count every dollar?
Are we missing out on the beauty of eternity as we worry about today?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a mundane, ordinary life. We don’t have a God who provides the “usual” plan. He is creative in His plans for you. He created everything (think about the beauty and uniqueness of a giraffe, a butterfly, a mountain, our planet, our bodies-so intricately designed). So why wouldn’t we expect our God to be out of the box? God isn’t going to fit your mold (or mine).
We live off of what is tangible, sensible, and visible. God doesn’t work that way. He calls us to a life of faith. A life of trust. A life of hope. A life of love.

God has everything to offer you. He has eternity for you. But are you so blinded by today, tomorrow, and what the world has to offer that you’re unable to see what He has for you?

After reading this, close your eyes. Don’t peak. What do you know is there even when your eyes are closed? Perhaps you are thinking of what’s in your room, the fact that your room mate is home, the warm sun still beaming down on you, or a puppy on your lap. These things are still there and still true and real without our sight.

You may not see God, but you have the faith that He is there. You may not be able to see His plans for you, but they are still very real. Today is seen. Today is temporary. Tomorrow it will be gone. Focus in on the eternal.

We aren’t living for 50 more visible todays.
We are living for the endless invisible tomorrows. The unknowns. The design. The eternal.

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