I love you anyway.


After hours of nannying today, I was attempting to tuck an irritated 6 year old boy into bed. His exhaustion from soccer practice turned quickly into frustration, as he kicked me and spewed a few mean words from his mouth.
As I turned out his light, I glanced over at him, looked him in the eyes and said:

“I just want you to know that when you’re angry, I love you anyway.
When you kick me, I love you anyway.
When you say mean things to me, I love you anyway.”

He got this look of confusion and shock upon his face. Then, his little blue eyes started to fill up with tears. I could tell that he was not expecting the reaction I gave him.

I understood his confusion…because I’ve been there. I’ve been the girl who deliberately disobeyed her parents. Instead of them disowning me, they loved me anyway.
I probably had that same completely shocked look on my face when my boyfriend chose to love me, with all of my flaws, faults, and brokenness.
Most of all, I still find it difficult to wrap my mind around how God can see all of my sin…my daily failures…my shortcomings…my thoughts…and He loves me anyway.

You need to realize that no matter what you have done or where you’ve been, you have a God who has welcoming arms. He is able to look at you while you’re “kicking and screaming” and love you anyway.

It’s a temptation to stay in the lonely prisons we create for ourselves. Closed in with only our anger and frustration to keep us warm at night. But when you truly understand the kind of love God has for you, it’s impossible not to melt.
I watched a 6 year old boy drastically transform before my eyes…all because he realized he was loved and accepted.

How will you change when you realize that God loves you anyway?

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