This generation is filled with so much seeking.


I could go on and on and on. The sad thing is, this world disappoints. We spend so much time seeking these silly things, and we seldom end up fulfilled.

How many people do you think move to Los Angeles in the grand pursuit of fame, money, success, and the “perfect” career? More than we could imagine. So few will feel affirmed or happy, no matter how many years they wander the concrete streets pursing these worldly “gifts.”

Love is no exception. Unrequited love surrounds us no matter where we turn. Whether it’s boyfriend trouble, or the excruciating pain of a parent choosing not to be in your life, seeking someone and loving them without getting their love in return is one of the most heartbreaking and disappointing things we can experience.

Proverbs 8 gives us such a beautiful statement of God’s love, commitment, and faithfulness to us.

“I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.”

To the world, you may just be another option. To a casting director, you’re just another face. Maybe so far to the guys you’ve dated, you’ve just been another girl. Perhaps you’ve spent your entire life seeking and loving what the world has to offer, and now you’ve had enough.

I challenge you to seek God. Love Him. Love His word. Love His promises. Love His character.
Because when you love Him, He always loves you right back…unconditionally. No matter what you do or how you stumble.
When you seek Him, you find Him. You won’t find a slammed door with God.

In a world of uncertainties & unknowns, I challenge you to start seeking the only one who can take away your feeling of being undiscovered.


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