Simultaneous Joy


I’ve been thinking and praying a lot lately, as I’m entering a new chapter of my life. I want to have enough trust in God to step out in faith and truly live this life I’ve been given to the fullest. So much time can be wasted if we do what we think we should, think we have to, etc. We can often listen to so many voices in the world and easily tune out God’s direction.

Scripture tells us we have been given life of abundance, life to the full. So why do we live it like it’s a chore? God wants you to have passions, joy, and desires. I used to feel guilty for pursuing my dreams. It felt selfish to me.

But I have come to realize the amazing truth. If we are constantly putting God at the center of our lives, consistently studying His word, and living by faith, our desires and dreams won’t be selfish ones. Scripture tells us that a gift that you aren’t using to love God and others is purposeless. So if you are seeking God to the full, don’t you think that your gifts and passions will naturally become God-centered?

Delighting in the Lord helps our passions and desires come to life (Psalm 37:4). But there’s actually something really cool that we often overlook. Not only are you delighting in God, but He is delighting in you!

A quote I love from Chariots of Fire is,

“When I run, I feel His pleasure.”

If you have been struggling with finding purpose in your life, think about what brings you pure joy. What makes you light up with passion. If you are simultaneously seeking God and studying His word, I can tell you that God is smiling as He watches you shine.

I feel His pleasure when I write. There are many things I love and enjoy doing, but as soon as I begin to jot down my thoughts, I instantly feel affirmed, as if God is looking at me and giving me a thumbs up.

Think about what brings you joy.
Do you think God is proud?
Is it in line with His word?
Is it centered around love for others?
Is it centered around your love for God?

If you feel confident in answering those questions, I can assure you it is simultaneous joy.

4 thoughts on “Simultaneous Joy

  1. Yes, I think God is proud of the things that bring me joy. I believe that I am using the gifts that He gave me to benefit others. I try to live according to His word, so I believe my actions are in line with His word.
    There are similar questions I ask myself when I begin to compare my life to others. If I am following God’s will, then I have to know that this life is for me.

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