Thieves of Dreams


Have you ever felt hopeless?
Have you ever felt as though someone stole your life away from you? Maybe an opportunity, an experience, your innocence, or your dignity.
Have you ever had to sit back and watch as someone crushed and killed your dreams? Maybe a boss, a casting director, or even worse, a family member?

We all have these moments in life that leave us defeated and trampled on. How can we continue being dreaming, loving, peaceful, faithful people when our lives keep spiraling downward?

As I was reading my bible this afternoon, I was reminded of the kind of life Jesus died for us to have.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”
-John 10:10

Life happens. Unexpected situations occur. People hurt us. But we can’t continue to let the enemy succeed. At some point, we have to make the choice to live life to the full. Accepting Christ is great. But turning it into a lifestyle is amazing.

We have to make daily choices to choose to hold tight to what Jesus gave us. Abundance.
This means getting rid of everything that kills, steals and destroys our peace, happiness, and faith in Christ. There are the obvious things we have to throw away in this year’s spring cleaning such as: abusive relationships, perpetual sins, users, unhealthy careers, etc.
But what about the things that don’t feel so obvious and clear to us, like: just okay relationships (not God centered or passionate), just okay jobs (that might be alright, but leave you drained), just okay habits (things that may not seem extreme, but consume your thoughts and time and draw you away from God).

All of those things need to go. Why? Because they are thieves of dreams. Because they aren’t abundant life. God didn’t give us “just okay” life. He doesn’t want “ordinary, normal” life for you. He wants you to have incredible, beautiful, abundant life to the full!

I am learning to make these difficult choices and hold fast to faith, because we have such a beautiful opportunity every day to live the most abundant and fulfilling life. Why waste another day doing something you hate? Why waste another day in an unhealthy, ungodly relationship? Why waste another day with friends or family who put you down or make you feel useless?

My abundant life includes hot tea, my chihuahua, my handsome boyfriend, decorating my apartment, and reading tons. What’s in yours?

Live a life of abundance and beauty.





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