Craving Milk & Honey


Cooking is one of my favorite things in the world to do. There’s nothing better than finding a new recipe to enthrall the taste buds. I love rich, decadent flavors (maybe that came from being raised in the South). Dark chocolate truffles, raspberry Greek yogurt, homemade sauces, and my favorite of all-mac and cheese. When I have a craving, it’s usually for something rich and creamy.
Sometimes I make the old rookie mistake of grocery shopping, though. I judge a book by it’s cover. I often find myself lured in by super cute packaging. If the product looks good, I’ll buy it before ever looking a the ingredients. I rush home in excitement, take a bite, and find myself disappointed by the lack of flavor. Then, I finally decide to glance at the ingredients listed on the back. Filled with random chemicals and fake, processed junk I can’t even pronounce, I immediately regret my decision.
Even worse, one time, I was craving something crisp and fresh. I ran to the store to buy an apple. It was ruby red, luscious, and I couldn’t wait to take a bite. However, when I sank my teeth into it, my taste buds were met with disappointment. Instead of a refreshing, juicy flavor, the apple was already slightly brown on the inside and mushy. I didn’t understand how it could look so good, yet be almost dead inside.

But isn’t that what Satan does to us? He lures us in with the enticing packaging. He takes filth and places a big ribbon on top. He pulls us in to craving things that end up being completely rotten.
He gets into our minds and makes us see only the “good” in sin without the harmful, disgusting aftermath.
He helps us view “doing whatever we want” as a right, when in reality, it’s selfish and leaves us completely alone and hurting other.
We view sex before marriage as our right and as a fun, normal, single girl activity. What he doesn’t show you is how it will have lifelong consequences and leave you feeling less valued and insecure.

He shines an apple, places it on a silver platter, and hands it to you without telling you it’s already completely rotten.

This all makes me wonder…what is our appetite for? When we allow the world to manipulate us, we crave what it offers. I used to fill my mind with bad music, unhealthy TV shows, and Cosmo magazine. What was in my brain? Insecurities, trash, and confusion. But the weird thing is, we are creatures of habit. We will continue to eat what we are normally fed. When will you decide to throw away the garbage and hunger for something better?

Psalm 34:8 says it best…

“Taste and see that the lord is good.”

I challenge you to indulge in something wonderful. Create an appetite for what is good, pure, powerful, lovely, beautiful, peaceful and true. Consume yourself with the richness of God’s word.
Exodus 33:3 talks about the land of milk and honey. The biblical use of this is that milk (cream) is the richest part of a substance. Honey is pure and sweet to the taste buds. Are we craving filth, or are we craving rich, sweet, pure flavors for our lives? I don’t know about you, but I am craving milk and honey.

God has decadence for us to indulge in. Go ahead-taste it…and see that it is good.

One thought on “Craving Milk & Honey

  1. I love how you pointed out that we can choose to indulge in things that are good and lovely. It’s not just about the things we can’t or shouldn’t have, but all the beautiful things we can have. It’s really about how we choose to look at it.

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