The road less traveled…

Our choices can lead us down many different roads. I am stubborn and enjoy being right. We all want to feel heard, understood, and correct. But at what cost?
When I choose the path of selfishness, I needlessly hurt others around me. These rocky roads we create for ourselves are often full of…


We live in a world where those words listed above are far too common. Not only are they common in our lives, they are often considered “normal” human reactions. While that may be true, I’d like to suggest a different road.

“Their feet race to violence and bloodshed; destruction and trouble line the roads of their lives, and they’ve never taken the road to peace.” -Romans 3:15-18

What if instead of choosing the road of anger, we chose joy? What if instead of going down the dark path of being “right”, we decided to be open, and be listeners? What if instead of breaking what we hate, we encouraged what we love?
What if instead of choosing the obstacle-filled road of stress, anxiety and dismay, we chose peace?

I’m not a hippy. However, I’m also not a cynic. I’m a girl who has faith in our broken world. I firmly believe that together, we could choose a different road…the road less traveled.

Jesus offers us a narrow road. He told us not many people would choose this path. Looking around the world today, I know he was right. Not many people are choosing love, forgiveness, peace, grace, redemption, or truth. It isn’t the easier road. It is bumpy, difficult, and doesn’t always leave you with a huge cheering section full of people who are on your side.

But-look at what has happened today to innocent people. Look at what is happening everyday. We make choices and choose a road. Choices to leave husbands, choices to hold grudges, choices to hate what is different from us, choices to judge people we don’t understand, choices to cause ultimate chaos…which all leads us to hell on earth. Is it worth it?

Join me today and let’s choose a different road. Love when it’s difficult. Forgive when it hurts. Have faith when you feel helpless.

Choose the road less traveled.

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