10 Spring Beauty Must-Haves under $10


Spring is a time for slowly saying goodbye to the sweaters & saying hello to the tanks! Boots are going, flip flops & cute wedges are making their way in.
However, when it isn’t quite summer yet, we don’t always feel in tip-top “bronze beauty” condition to show any skin at all. Our legs have been covered for months, so what happens when the 90 degree weather kicks in and we have to wear shorts?!

Not to worry, ladies. I have your spring beauty must-haves…all under $10!

1-Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer: $8
Tanning beds are extremely dangerous. Come on, ladies. It’s not the 80s. It’s 2013. We have a lot more information than we had “back then.” Not only do those harmful rays cause cancer, but they make our skin age QUICKLY with age spots & wrinkles. Who wants that kind of damage? (Not me.)
Spray tanning, while a better alternative, also has it’s downsides. It can be extremely expensive, a bit awkward, time consuming, and can leave you blotchy and as orange as a carrot.
Are you trying to avoid harmful rays & wrinkles? Trying to remain budget-friendly? Hoping not to turn orange? Maybe you live somewhere that barely even gets any sunshine! Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer is for everyone. If you’ve had your doubts about this product, give it another chance. They recently revamped this amazing lotion and made it with vitamins & minerals, and best of all…ODOR FREE! Most self tanning lotions smell awful and leave us orange. This product has 3 different shades (I use medium-tan) to add a natural looking gradual sun kissed glow to your skin. I use it daily and feel like I just got back from the Bahamas.
Apply your lotion after a shower, evenly onto your skin. Allow it to soak in and dry before putting your clothes on and always wash your hands after application.

2-Olay Moisturizer OR Puristics Totally Ageless: $3-$8
When the weather heats up, I love to get out in the sun! But did you know the first place we’ll get wrinkles, even in our 20s, is the face?! Not fair, I know. Growing up in Florida and moving out to be a Cali girl, my skin wouldn’t have survived without the incredible moisturizers I use.
Every morning, apply moisturizer before anything else. Whether you’re wearing makeup or not, whether it’s sunny or dreary, your face needs moisture and protection. I love both of these products. They are both oil free, have SPF 15, and assist in the anti aging process. Don’t be caught this spring without these incredible products.

3-Wet’N’Wild Cover All Concealer: $1.99
We want to look fresh and awake in the spring time. Ready for life! However, sometimes a long day or restless night can leave our eyes looking dark and exhausted. Tired eyes don’t make for a very bright spring day.
Don’t worry. I have the solution. This concealer is super cost effective and comes in every shade to match your skin perfectly. Apply under the eyes or wherever you find a blemish to keep your skin looking fresh & flawless.

4-Chapstick Cool Effects: 99 cents
When the day heats up, our lips become dry and irritated. This Chapstick is cool & refreshing and even has SPF 15 to keep your lips healthy & protected.

5-Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Cream: $7
This eye cream is amazing. It stays on for 24 hours with no creasing or smearing. I use a dab in the corners of my eyes to create an open, awake, fresh look. It’s a great highlighter to accent your beauty.

6-Wet’N’Wild Bronzer: $3
This giant bronzer will last you forever and give you a sun kissed glow everyday. A little bit goes a long way. Apply lightly to the cheek bones for a beachy look that lasts all day.

7-Almay Smokey Shadow Stick: $7
This product is great for a more dramatic evening look. It is still spring appropriate as the shades are bronze and natural. It will create a gorgeous, smoldering look (perfect for girls night out!)

8-H&M NERD Nail Polish: $3
Yes-the shade is called nerd. Amazing. This gorgeous, nude, matte color is flawless for spring. I love how natural it looks. It will leave you with beauty that looks clean, fresh and effortless. I actually used this exact polish when I modeled for the spring line of Paul & Joe Paris Apparel.

9-Nine West Sunglasses from Marshall’s: $9.99
Marshall’s is full of designer sunglasses that will top off your gorgeous spring look & protect your eyes from damaging rays. Go try on a few pairs and find the one that fits you just right!

10-Maybelline Mineral Powder Finishing Veil: $6
I love this product! It is a mineral powder that is natural and flawless. Use this to complete your spring beauty look, ending with an even, oil free skin tone!

Well ladies, there you have it. 10 spring must haves for under $10! You don’t have to go broke to feel beautiful. Go get bronze and enjoy this lovely season!

5 thoughts on “10 Spring Beauty Must-Haves under $10

  1. Okay, so I am very fair skinned. My complexion has been best compared to a porcelain doll… so in other words, white, white, white. lol And I’ve been wanting to add a bronzer to my makeup routine for a while now, but I honestly have no idea where to start. Was looking at the Wet ‘n’ wild stuff… do you have a suggestion for which to get as far as tone?

    1. Rachel, do you have any pink tones in your skin? If so, I’d suggest choosing a bronzer from Almay or Covergirl. Their products don’t work for me because I have olive skin and don’t have an ounce of pink, but for you, they might be better options 🙂

      1. In the summer months I have a bit more of an olive complexion. I lose my tan mega fast in the winter and then the pink in my cheeks comes out a lot more (especially since I always color my hair auburn in the winter)… should I get two separate ones for summer and winter?

      2. Unfortunately, I end up having to buy different makeup for every season because my color changes.
        If you have any pink in you, I highly recommend “natural” shade from Physicians Formula. It’s a blush and bronzer in one and is super natural (hence the name).
        In the summer months, if you have no pink in your tone and more olive, go with Wet’N’Wild “bikini contest” color #740. It has SPF 15 and I love it.

        If you’re getting that tan but still have a tad of pink, blend both of the products! 🙂

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