How to get perfect summer beach waves!

It’s heating up on this 85 degree SoCal day…and I think we’re all ready for summer hair!
We always strive for those perfect beach waves…the natural bounce and body in our hair. However, it’s hard to get the “beach wave” look when we’re in the city going to work, rather than sitting in the warm sand.

I’m going to give you the easiest, hassle-free how-to for the perfect beach waves!

Step one:
After you shower, allow your hair to air dry until it’s damp but almost dry. Wad it up into a messy bun on the top of your head.


Step two:
After you’ve allowed your hair to stay in the messy bun over night (or during the day while you run errands), take it down and lightly spritz with your spray of choice.


Step three:
Scrunch and tease your hair, creating those natural, messy waves!


There you have it! Simple summer beach waves.
Go have some fun in the sun & enjoy your gorgeous locks!


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