Mother’s Day Give Away!


Who has an amazing mom?
Who knows a mom who has gone above & beyond?

I am doing a very special Mother’s Day Give Away (that’s right-Mother’s Day is next month & I’m taking care of your gift. You’re welcome.)

For all the mothers who are selfless,
For all the moms who care for us,
For all the women who created a solid foundation for our lives.

If you know an incredible mom who deserves to be pampered, surprised and loved, enter into this contest.

Simply leave a comment letting me know why your mom is truly amazing.

If your mom is chosen, she will receive an incredible all natural, homemade laundry detergent from Shaded Lily Home Arts.
This amazing bag has a cool breeze fragrance that is totally tempting me as it fills my room with it’s aroma. It contains enough for 96-192 loads of laundry!

Your mom has been doing your laundry your entire life. Give her the gift of “Thank you.” Give her the gift of “I love you.” Give her a gift that gives back. Give her a gift that makes doing the laundry feel like a vacation in the Bahamas.
We can’t all afford to send our moms on a tropical vacay. BUT-this amazing, all natural detergent comes with a super cute scoop, and is ready to make your mom breath in the beach air.

This special deal will go fast! Leave a comment if you have an amazing mom.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Give Away!

  1. I have an amazing daughter who is a fabulous mother. I’m constantly amazed at how she cares so wonderfully for her two precious little girls. She loves using only natural products and I know would love this gift. My own mother was amazing and I miss her but love seeing traits of her in my own daughters.

  2. Hi Rachel,
    What a cool thing you’re doing! It’s simple and sweet (smelling ;)!

    My mama is spectacular. Why? Well, because she’s there for me whenever I need her. In the most gentle and healing of ways, she will listen and give me the best advice. The combination of reason and heart. That feeling of being weak or alone is confronted when I think of the love of my dear mama. She would do anything for me and believes in me so much, it’s the greatest gift a daughter could receive. During my busy and hectic college schedule I can’t talk to her as much as I’d like to but she understands and loves me all the more anyway. She is my ultimate influence in life and a great source of passion and empathy not only to me but to all who she touches with friendship and partnership. I’m happy this world has my mama to make it a more love-infectious place!


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