Who doesn’t love FREE STUFF?!


Hey, creative people! It’s YOUR chance to get involved! I’m about to begin a new adventure on my blog of monthly give aways of my “favorite things.” I am currently looking for designers/people who have their own business who would like to donate an item to the give away! This is a great way for your business to get exposure AND to help young women who may not normally be able to afford a fun new item to feel pampered and spoiled 🙂
Your item also has the potential to be featured in my next book. Leave me a comment if you’re interested 🙂 Please share this with any awesome designer friends of yours!

And to my incredible, faithful, loyal followers: stay tuned! Now every month YOU will have a chance to win one of my favorite things! From fashions to jewelry to homemade soaps & detergent, reading and sharing will now enter you into incredible opportunities! It’s my way of saying thank you for reading & supporting me.

Stay tuned for each monthly challenge that enters you in the give away!

2 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love FREE STUFF?!

  1. Hi Rachael,
    Thanks for organizing a giveaway like this. Is fun for people to join and win things. Let me know how I can contribute by giving you some items. I have hand made fashion accessories and small pouches too. Have a look at my wordpress site.

    Cheers, Angie

  2. Hi Rachael! I would love to participate! I am just coming off of a two year design break…you know, to raise some little people… 🙂 and am slowly but surely getting back into it on a part time basis. So I don’t have any product to give at the moment, but will be launching a line of (super cute if I do say so myself 🙂 ) iPad and iPhone covers in June… So if that timing works for you, please count me in. I’d love to support your lovely blog in some small way… All the best…

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