What’s your price tag?


We live in a world that tends to revolve around money. Everything has a price tag…whether it’s worthless or priceless.

Isn’t it true that we often judge the value of something by it’s price tag? I’m convinced that the t-shirts at most of the hip & trendy boutiques on Melrose, with the $75 cotton-wear, are just the same as the $7 tees from Target. But we find something special, different, and unique about those boutique t-shirts. Even if they look the same. Even if the fabric feels the same. Someone is placing a high price tag on the items, telling us that they are to be valued.

I LOVE thrifting. It’s where I get most of my clothing and furniture. In the same way, you can find unbelievable treasures at Goodwill. Name-brand clothes…Ralph Lauren button downs…Banana Republic coats…fine furniture…Guess heels. But why does the world expect that thrift stores will carry junk, even though often times isn’t true? The price tag. The people who are pricing those items often times don’t see the value behind them.

As women, we really hurt ourselves because of the labels and price tags we give ourselves. Just as a worker at Goodwill might miss the value of an extremely beautiful, high quality, antique set of china from overseas, if you are setting your own price tag, you might be missing something beautiful.
If I were to set my own price most of the time, I’d see flaws. Mistakes. Hurts. Pains. Imperfections. Words I shouldn’t have spoken. Things I shouldn’t have done. Often times, if I were the one naming my price, I’d feel worthless.

We live in a world that values women for their ability to be “sexy.” We make more money in acting and modeling if we take more clothing off. But it’s such a catch 22, because when we do these things to prove ourselves and gain worth and meaning in our lives, it cheapens us.

Boyfriends, and boys in general, set the price tags for so many young women. We allow them to tell us how we should look, think, act, live. It’s not always their fault. It’s not even usually their fault. Often times our desire for love and affirmation causes us to lose ourselves completely and lose all of our value. We will give away all of ourselves to know that a man loves us. Giving away all of ourselves in relationships is a catch 22 again. As soon as we give ourselves away in the “grand pursuit” of worth, we are instantly cheapened. We are marked down. We are placing ourselves onto a sale rack of “used and damaged goods.”

I am speaking from experience. I’m a girl just like you. All of us are seeking the same things. We want love and affirmation to set our value. But I can promise you that seeking affirmation in your own definition of yourself, in the world, in money, in careers, or in relationships will only leave you disappointed and damaged.

This isn’t a hopeless situation. You’re not a lost cause.
You see, when we allow God to set our price tags, we end up in the designer section. We are something to be desired.
We are set at a high price…something to be valued.
You are so beautiful to God that He would set you high on a shelf, safe from any chance of being broken…a work of art that should be marveled upon with wonder.

While the world may have marked you down, God has created you beautifully and uniquely.
While a relationship may have cheapened you, you are the most important, precious girl to God.
He created you with strength and dignity. He looks at you and sees beyond the mistakes or flaws. He see worth, value, and a woman who is absolutely priceless.

What is setting your value today?
Who is telling you how much you are worth?
Allow God to set your price tag, and realize that you are a priceless gem that should be treasured always.

2 thoughts on “What’s your price tag?

  1. Hi Rachelle,

    I’m so excited to meet you here! Nathan sent me your way. I love your writing and your passion for sharing the truth. I’d love to connect with you via email, as I’ve got an opportunity I’d like to toss your way.


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