Pain is Beauty.


As young women, at some point, we will all hear someone tell us,

“Pain is beauty.”

Whether it’s through getting our hair tugged on while at the salon or a tearful eyebrow wax, this is a term we know very well.
Today, I encountered it firsthand as I was modeling for a Paris clothing line. I was on my feet for 9 hours straight in high heels. That wasn’t the most uncomfortable part. What I have found so interesting through every single photoshoot I’ve ever done is that the photographers always ask me to pose in awkward positions. These poses feel unnatural to my body…they feel strange, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. In fact, one of the poses I was doing today involved my right foot crossing behind the left. I kept feeling like I was going to lose my balance…but worst of all, I thought I was going to look ridiculous.
Each time the photographer directed me to another odd position, I was sure it would look terrible. Why? Because it felt unnatural.

Much to my surprise (and this happens every time I model for a shoot), I looked at the photos from the shoot so far during our lunch break. As I scrolled down pages of pictures, I couldn’t believe it. It looked great…the poses were flattering and actually looked normal even though they felt completely awkward. The photographer knew what he was doing.

This got me thinking…
How many times have I told God no or gone with my own path or my own ideas or my own plans just because they felt more natural to me? Often times, God calls us to things that are difficult. He asks us to do things that are outside our comfort zones. Just as the poses at today’s shoot felt unnatural to me, God’s plan for my life feels extremely unnatural sometimes. Why? Because He doesn’t call us to be ordinary, plain, natural, or “just okay.” He calls us to a supernatural life! He makes us unique and beautiful and wonderful. God’s photoshoot for your life is gorgeous. It’s flawless. If I had chosen all of my poses today, it would have been a very boring photoshoot. But the photographer had a vision. He could see the bigger picture. Even though I was looking in the “right now”, he knew what the finished product would look like.

God is behind the camera of your life. He is trying to direct you and place you in the perfect place. While it may not always feel comfortable, easy, or natural, if you allow God to be the director of your life’s big picture, it will be so beautiful.

Sometimes it’s painful to give up control. I love being in control. When I have chosen to allow God to be my director, it wasn’t always a carefree journey. It involved growth, strength, struggle, stretching, changing, and trust. Sometimes it really hurt. But I can promise you, now that I look at the photos of my life that I allowed God to direct, they are far more beautiful than anything I could have imagined or created for myself.

God’s direction isn’t always easy. It takes work, and it won’t always feel natural. But He has a perfect plan and vision for your life that He wants to capture. Growing, changing, strengthening, stretching, and trusting can be painful. But sometimes, pain is beauty.

2 thoughts on “Pain is Beauty.

  1. Love this Rachel! So true. We just started the Multiply study with the Delight Group. The first chapter is about Jesus asking us to follow Him. It isn’t always easy but it is the best path to take. We may not see all the twists and turns but He does. His ways are perfect. You are a beautiful writer. Great post.

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