Returning the prodigals…


Baby steps…

My life had these moments, these baby steps, that started small and lead me to paths I never imagined I’d go.
I remember hearing my parents tell me things as a teenager. I ignored their help and advice most of the time. Those were the baby steps…the small, tiny moments where I started to choose a different way.
Then, I’d find myself walking…walking down roads I knew I shouldn’t…doing things I knew weren’t even me…dressing in ways I never thought I would…hearing words come out of my mouth that surprised myself…putting on cheap makeup, piling it on as I allowed my poor self esteem to take over and consume the real me.
Then I’d run…faster and faster…away from friends, family, God…pushing away everything.
I had moments where I became so confused and lost track of myself. But there is beauty in those journeys, because you can always return home.

Whether you are a prodigal, have been a prodigal, or know someone who is a prodigal, Nathan J. Clarkson’s film Confessions of a Prodigal Son will hit home for you. Nathan is on a mission to bring a very important message to the Hollywood film industry. A message of light, truth, redemption, and the power of finding your way home. No matter how lost you may be, you can always come back home.

Watch the trailer. Be inspired.

To join the others who are supporting the film and helping to bring this important message to Hollywood, check this out.

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