How to smile at the future with strength, dignity, oh-and the perfect lip color!


Through the mirror challenge, we’ve been learning to look in the mirror and LOVE the girl we see! Together, we are encouraging ourselves, and others, to face each day with strength and dignity. But there’s a little something after that part of the verse in Proverbs that says we should smile at the future. While we have been working on, most importantly, loving the girl on the inside, there are a few tricks we can learn to also look in the mirror and love the outward appearance of the girl we see!
Your gorgeous smile is unique. All of our smiles are different and tell different stories. Finding the perfect lip color will be unique for each of us because none of us were made with the same grin! The right lipstick or gloss can bring out the beautiful smile you have and can actually make you want to smile more often! The only problem is searching for the right lip color in a world with so many options…


Here are some basic tips that can help each of us find the perfect lip color to bring out our smiles:

If you have fair skin…
Hollywood is FULL of fair skinned beauties rocking red carpets with light pink lips. This natural, feminine color is dainty and super gorgeous.



If you have tan or olive toned skin (like myself…)
Try something with more of a brown tint! Choosing lip color is easier than you think. Go with your skin tone! Just as fair skin goes well with light pinks, tan skin looks amazing with lipsticks that have a brown-red tint, a hint of beige mixed into the red, or try a very dark red/brown for a more dramatic evening look!



For a classy night out…
Bright red lips are SO in! And I mean RED, RED! For your next night out on the town, try a bright red lipstick paired with a classy updo!



Not planning a big night out any time soon? Go natural…
Natural lips are gorgeous! Grab a sheer gloss for your everyday routine to add some shine to your natural beauty. (Even the princess often chooses natural lip color!)



“Why does my lip color always fade?”
For long lasting lip color, try my trick! Put on your lipstick of choice. Blot (smooch a tissue). Next, lightly dust a translucent powder on top of your lips. Then, add one more layer of lipstick! You’ll have gorgeous color even after your munching, sipping, and chatting!


For healthy lips…
Chapstick should be your best friend. In this winter chill, I apply chapstick all day long. Also, try to find one with some SPF for the summer days, too! Another tip: put on your gloppiest, slimiest, most moisturizing lip gunk for while you’re sleeping! I use vaseline. This keeps your lips super soft all night and for the next day!


Don’t want to blow your paycheck on makeup? I get it.
I love matte, classy, gorgeous lipsticks. MAC has some pretty incredible ones. However, MAC makes my debit card cry. A few months ago, I found matte lipsticks at Walgreens for $1 by “Wet’N’Wild” and “N.Y.C.” I use those lipsticks everyday and swear by them. They’re gorgeous. Drugstores do have quality stuff. It’s all about finding the right color for yourself first, since you can’t try them on.

Well ladies, I hope you now feel equipped to go out into the world and share that gorgeous smile of yours!
Remember to love the girl in the mirror, lips and all!

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