Loving your locks!


“To have bangs, or not to have bangs. That is the question…”

The other night, I found myself caught up in a wonderful conversation with a couple of my fabulous girlfriends about hair. We were giggling and talking about when the bible says our hair is our glory.
In the midst of our laughter and analyzing, we all came to the same conclusion. One of the ladies said it best:

“You can have the perfect outfit, and have your makeup done flawlessly-but if you don’t love your hair, you still don’t want to leave the house.”

It was so true! The one thing I’m always the most irritated with, and left feeling the most hopeless with, is my hair. However, I’ve realized that this is due to us, as women, constantly comparing ourselves to others. We always want what we can’t have, and the grass always seems greener on the blonder or bouncier side of the salon.
As we were chatting and being silly girls, we talked about the importance of embracing and TRULY loving what God has given us.

I’ve never been able to get my hair to hold a curl. Never. Ever. No stylist. No iron. No product. I have thin, fine native American hair. Of course, because of my lack of curl, it’s all I ever strived for. My boyfriend watched me on countless date nights as I fussed over the hours I spent trying to curl my hair. But wouldn’t it have made my life easier if I just went with a hairstyle that was actually right for me?
What if instead of trying to change who we were or fail at attempting to look like someone else, we just chose to look like US? There’s only one you. Embrace the beauty and unique qualities God has given you.

As I’ve been putting the mirror challenge into full effect, my mirror challenge for YOU today is for you to LOVE the hair God has given you. Not just “deal with it”, not just “like it”…and don’t hide it under a hat. Today, this morning: love your hair.

For more on how to embrace the mane God gave you, check out the hair tips below.

And if you still havent gotten onto the mirror challenge, IT’S TIME! for your chance to win a free book and inspire other young women, check out the challenge: Take the mirror challenge!

Stay fabulous, ladies! Love your locks!

Hair tips for loving your locks:

1-Messy is in! If you are waking up each morning stressing because you can’t get your hair to look “perfect”, relax! Messy buns and laid back updos are really in style! You can add fun and glam to a messy mane by adding a headband or clips.


2-Natural waves. If your hair is like mine and doesn’t hold a curl, you can still get a natural wave and some body in that mane! This look is PERFECT for summer. Get your own beach hair by wadding your hair up into a messy bun while it’s damp right after you shower. Sleep on it. Then, take it down in the morning and apply some mousse to scrunch it all up!


3-The sock bun can work on EVERYONE! Short hair, long hair, layers, bangs, thick, thin-the sock bun is a classy look for any occasion that works for EVERYONE. I have thin, shoulder length layered hair and it works for me! Yesterday, I gave an 8 year old girl a sock bun. She has LONG hair down to her booty. Her hair is super thick and curly. It still worked for her and looked fabulous! To learn how to do a sock bun, check this out: The EASY how-to for the perfect sockbun!




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