Mirror Challenge!

photoHey, girls! If your favorite dress is too long, do you get rid of it? No! You alter it. We alter our clothing, and we need to alter our self-talk! Mirrors are a place we look at ourselves and make judgement. It is a reflection of who we are. But my God says we were made in HIS image! Pretty cool, right? Let’s change our initial reaction to our mirror image.

I am challenging YOU today to take the mirror challenge! You can either tape a piece of paper on your mirror, OR if you’re a hardcore girl, write it in lipstick. I want ALL OF YOU to write this on your mirror:

***Take a photo of your mirror challenge & post it on Rachael Lee’s fan page Facebook wall at:
to encourage all of the other girls out there to feel confident & beautiful!***

But wait, this challenge gets BETTER! Post your photo on Rachael Lee’s Facebook fan page wall and you are automatically in the running to WIN a FREE copy of “God’s girl”! The winner of the mirror challenge should show creativity, and also type (in the caption section of your photo post) a small story/explanation of why this is an important thing for you to remind yourself of! The contest will end and a winner will be selected on March 31st!

Share with all of your friends, and encourage confidence today! Spread the message, join my mission, and let’s change the way we look at ourselves in the mirror!


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