Turning an ordinary day into an extraordinary day.








Have you ever heard someone say that something was a “blessing in disguise?” Well, I’ve come to realize that blessings are all around us…and I don’t really think they are disguised. These gifts aren’t hiding from us, we just aren’t opening our eyes.

My boyfriend was giggling at me the other day as I was raving about a glorious moment I had at my favorite cafe. He sometimes finds himself chuckling at how much the littlest things mean to me. Half asleep, I sauntered up to the counter, debit card in hand. I ordered a simple, small cup of coffee. I wasn’t expecting much, just a tiny cup of caffeine. After a couple minutes of waiting, I was a bit confused. Why was my coffee order taking such a long time? Don’t they just pour the coffee into a disposable cup and send me on my way?
Much to my delight, my “simple, small cup of coffee” came out on a gorgeous silver tray.  Not just that-but my coffee was in a lovely glass carafe along with a sparkling clear mug. Right next to it was a little cup of cream. As silly as this may sound, it made my day. Something so simple was turned into a beautiful moment.

Just the other night, I wanted to take Nathan out to a nice dinner. I knew I couldn’t afford to go overboard on my budget, but I knew we would have fun, anyway. I took him to Katsuya, a very popular sushi restaurant in Hollywood. Much to my surprise, we walked in and saw a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in years. Not only that…she was the manager! She seated us right away (which doesn’t happen at this Hollywood hot spot), and sent out numerous dishes for us to try! At the end of the meal, I looked at the bill feeling rather confused. I knew I had spent more money than that. As I looked closely, I saw that she gave us the VIP discount. Our eyes widened…our jaws dropped.
Nathan looked at me and reminded me how blessed we were. There are moments everyday when I feel like God is shining on us and giving us favor. While these moments may not seem huge, and may not be a winning lottery ticket, they are incredible blessings.

James 1:17 explains my thoughts in the best possible way. After all of this, my outlook on life is changing. What if we looked at every good thing as a gift from God? Big or small. I can always find something to complain about or dwell on…but when I look at every good thing that surrounds me, it’s impossible to ignore that God is blessing me.

Some days just feel  boring, usual, ordinary. But what if we counted every good thing as a blessing? What if we saw every single tiny moment of joy as a gift from God? That would make everyday extraordinary.

My moment of joy when I’m able to look out the window from my favorite cafe and see a beautiful day outside…
When I’m driving home from a long day of work, only to see a beautiful sunset…
Cherishing special moments with my mom, wearing silly hats at the tea room…
Hanging out with the most handsome man I know…
Laughing at my hilarious dog as she plays inside a box…

All of these good things are gifts from above.
Big or small, if we count every good thing as a blessing, it can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day.






4 thoughts on “Turning an ordinary day into an extraordinary day.

  1. i love reading parts of your story!!! i woke up this morning with a sniffly nose/achy body/messy room HOWEVER, i love that the spirit of God is just as present in times like today. writing this is a blessing! having time soak in wisdom & relax. plus its 76 degrees in january. yeee God is good. thanks for your wisdom!! 🙂

    1. Lauren,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and bring joy to my day! I hope you feel better! I’m in the midst of getting ready to move, so I definitely understand the messy room scenario 😉 Enjoy today…God is good 🙂

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