LA is a crazy city, full of lights, cars, people, hopes, and dreams. But wouldn’t it be amazing if LA could also be a place that’s full of God?
It’s a new year, and now we have a brand new chance to put God in control of our lives and our city. Oasis church is doing 21 days of prayer for the city of Los Angeles. Just imagine the incredible things that could be done if we allowed God to invade LA. This city has 3.8 million people! But are we asking God daily to awaken the hearts of the masses, and the heart inside our own chests?
Even if you don’t live in LA, this applies to you. Hollywood is a place that (like it or not) has some of the BIGGEST impact on today’s culture. With the media, film, television, and celebrity platforms out here in LA, we should be praying that God uses every part of this city to make a positive impact on the world.
This is our city. This is our generation. Not just mine. I’m asking you to join me for the 21 days of prayer and just be intentional about inviting God into this city. I will be posting something once a week for the next 3 weeks so that you can pray with me and stay updated on the specific prayers we are giving to God.

Today is day 3 of the 21 days of prayer. Our prayer today is:

Day 3: Miracles with physical & emotional healing:
Pray that God would heal those who are fighting illness and disease, and that God would heal the broken hearted in our city.

Today’s prayer is so powerful and is needed by so many. I’m not asking you to do anything crazy, or even really step out of your comfort zone. I’m just asking you to dedicate 21 days to praying for a city that desperately needs YOUR help. Imagine Hollywood with more positive role models. Imagine a city with strong leadership. Imagine a city with a decreased homeless population. Imagine a city with peace. Imagine a city with strong, healthy families and relationships. Imagine a city awakened.


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