5 Style secrets I wish someone had given me back in the day!

Ladies, today I am sharing some SERIOUS girl secrets with you. I’m going to share some of my absolute favorite style tips. These things are my must-haves. These tips are things I am SO glad I know now…and definitely wish I had known years ago. Enjoy reading, maybe give some of these a try…but more importantly: play around & find what works for you!

1-Wedges are way more comfortable than any other high heel shoe. We all want to look tall, gorgeous, and amazing when we go out, right? I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand wearing uncomfortable high heels when I’m out. My boyfriend & I love walking around and exploring on our date nights…but that can feel like torture if my heels are killing me. Wedges give you the height, lift, and look you’re going for without the blisters and tears. I recently got rid of every heel that isn’t a wedge because I know they only hurt me in the end. The great thing about wedges is that they can go flawlessly with your classy cocktail dress, but they are also super fun for a casual game night in blue jeans!

2-Natural makeup is better. Because of my Native American skin tone, I have struggled my entire life to find a brand, type, and color of foundation that actually works for me. Liquid foundations can be okay for some occasions, but they get greasy, globby, and they are way too thick for everyday. MAC’s skin finish natural mineral powder is AMAZING. Not only is it a mineral makeup (so it doesn’t clog pores, cause pimples, or look thick), but it is FULL coverage and is actually enough to wear on film! My skin is naturally oily, and almost every makeup made that worse. This powder is incredible. It is so light and natural, you forget you’re wearing makeup (and it doesn’t even look like you’re wearing any makeup-it just enhances your skin’s natural beauty). I could rave about this product all day. It’s worth it. Go to your local MAC and find the color that matches your skin.




3-The classy little black dress is always in style. If you’re like me, you probably try on every item in your closet before deciding what to wear to a party. We worry about being stylish, looking good, and choosing the perfect dress. Classy is always in style. Little black dresses are flattering on every body type. My little black dress is my go-to choice.






4-Want to show some skin, but remain classy? Especially around summer time, it’s fun to show some skin and show off that summer glow. However, things can go too far and we can quickly go from looking beautiful to raunchy. I LOVE simple, flowing off-the-shoulder shirts. They look natural and give you a care-free look. They make us look good and look like we’re not trying all at the same time.tumblr_lz58j3oN5i1r41j7co1_500




5-Bright eyes. Ever feel tired? Worn out? Just blehhh? Instead of putting on heavy eye makeup for your day time coffee dates & grocery store runs, take your concealer and apply it generously under your eyes. Blend it in. Take some extra and put it right in the corners of your eyes to create a bright, open, natural look. Sometimes it’s okay to skip the eyeliner and go BRIGHT 🙂





Ladies, we are all beautifully & wonderfully made! Try these tips & create your own as you find your own unique style. Have a beautiful day & stay tuned for more tips!

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