Then Joseph woke up.


This morning, my Christmas eve has begun with a hot cup of coffee, sitting on a house boat watching the rain fall. This cozy weather seemed perfect for reading…and I felt that reading the stories about Jesus’ birth would be appropriate.

We all know the story. Birth, baby, manger. But I find that each time I read this incredible story, I found something new that stands out and sticks in my mind.
One of the things I always find truly amazing is that Joseph followed God’s commands from the angel. He had such a strong faith and must have been an incredibly strong man. The sentence that stands out to me this year is:

“Then Joseph woke up.

Right after that quick, short, direct statement in Matthew chapter one, the story continues to explain that after Joseph woke up from his dream, he did exactly what God had planned for him.

How many times do we need to theoretically “wake up” and listen to what God has for us? Joseph had qualities that gave him immense strength. I think all of us long for that type of faith. These qualities enabled him to not only trust in God, but trust Mary (and I think we all know how difficult that must have been). These “Joseph Qualities” are:


These 4 things can change our world when applied do our daily lives. Maybe God has called you to something that feels too big and too out of reach. Maybe you’re confused about how to live out a life of trusting God. Start with having faith, being obedient, allowing God to give you strength, and waking up ready to do what He has called you to do.

God is amazing at putting puzzle pieces together and orchestrating incredibly perfect circumstances. It wasn’t random that Mary & Joseph were chosen to be the parents of His only son. Both Mary & Joseph had all of the qualities above. Because of their faith & strength, we have this amazing story of Jesus’ birth…this incredible picture of the start of our salvation.

This Christmas eve, take some time to remember why we celebrate Christmas. If you feel like the stories are boring and you already know them, I get it. But challenge yourself and re-read these today (you could read in Matthew 1 or Luke 2) and find something new and refreshing about this amazing story that resonates with you. Go ahead and comment letting me know what stands out to you this year about the story of Jesus’ birth 🙂

Merry Christmas eve, everyone!

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