Sail away from safe harbor…


A while back at my church, they discussed the #1 things that women & men find most important. For women, the most common was…


Security can mean a lot of different things. Finances, careers, relationships, love. Where I find my faith most lacking is when I’m desperately seeking “life-security.”
I get so stressed & overwhelmed when I don’t know exactly what’s going on in my career. Waiting for God’s timing can sometimes feel excruciating. And don’t even get me started on money. Who wants to be uncertain about money?! Nobody. We all feel our anxiety slip away as soon as we know we have enough to cover next month’s rent. Security is a safe place for us…and that’s why we gravitate toward it so often.
Many women stay in “okay” relationships for way too long (maybe even forever) just because of the security. Fear of being alone, maybe even coming back to finances…we long for security and sometimes hold onto what seems to be secure rather than taking a leap of faith & going on an adventure to find what’s really meant for us.

Moving to LA was not the most secure thing I could have done. It didn’t ensure security in my life. It took away financial security (it’s crazy expensive out here), and it took away the security of being close to family and friends. Why don’t I regret it? Because I’m an explorer.

In your life, do you want to be an explorer or a security-seeker? This even comes down to being a God-seeker or a security-seeker. God calls us to do things that sometimes seem crazy to us. Life with faith is an adventure. It’s not always secure, it doesn’t always feel safe, but it’s far more fulfilling than sitting at home wondering what could have been.

In 20 years when you look back on your life so far, what do you want to see? I know that if I hold onto my fears and cling to security, I’ll have a sad, lonely, boring, non-fulfilling life to look back on. In 2o years, I want to see that I adventured into the world…that I sought out & explored what God was calling me to do. Not only that, but in 20 years, I want to continue on new adventures. In life, in my relationships, and in whatever adventures God puts in my path.

We all long for security. And we obviously need it to a certain extent. I’m not asking anything crazy of you (don’t quit your job). I’m simply suggesting that we stop lacking faith so much that we hangout, bored on safe harbor.
Sail away. Maybe not all at once, but it takes baby steps. Dare to dream. Dare to pray and don’t be afraid to ask God what HE wants you to do. Explore. Adventure. Seek. LIVE.

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